Salary + medical benefits = death?

Being a working stiff could literally make you a dead stiff with the lack of exercise and health risks involved in a supposedly low risk job. Found the following infographic from

The infographic mainly targets obesity as an effect of being on the buttocks the whole day. However there are other risks with being desk bound all the time.

Sadly, we are still primitive beings that require exercise, if not our muscles would atrophy. And normally desk bound jobs involve close to zero or minimal activity except with the fingers and wrist. Other factors to look into are carpal tunnel syndrome and backpain (hardly any office provides their workers with ergonomic chairs, much less Herman Miller chairs, the only place I’ve seen it is in the EDB office in Singapore (I’m not so sure I am happy with my taxes being spent that way, considering each chair is close to SGD1k))

And for those of you interested(measures to prolong our lives, possibly by 1%):


2 thoughts on “Salary + medical benefits = death?

  1. This is really good! I have been on my butt all my working life, still is my preferred position. I swear it has flattened out, and not that I am SOOO… pear shaped…

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